Lab Facilities

Library plays a vital role in the life of an institution. Rich library is an asset to the Institution. Our library is truly a learning center with reading space for more than 200 students at a time. The library stocks textbooks, reference books, journals, magazines, newspapers. The library subscribes to a number of national and international journals and has a very large collection of reference books on advanced disciplines that are aimed at developing students beyond their normal curriculum. In all, the college library has more than 16,200 volumes and around 3210 titles covering various advanced disciplines pertaining to all the braches of engineering and management courses offered by the college.

In accordance with the objectives of the Brilliant Institute of Engineering and Technology, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the students, faculty and Research Community of the College.

Organization of Collection and Information Resources:

According to Five Laws of Library Science as propounded by the Father of Library & Information Science Dr.S.R.Ranganathan.

  • Books are for use.
  • Every reader his/her book.
  • Every book its reader.
  • Save the time of user.
  • Library is a growing organism.

The BGTI Library strives to achieve the above Five Laws of Library Science with an objective to promote use of books for academic excellence through efficient library management practices in order to provide right book to right user in right time. The Library organizes its book collection according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme for easy access and organization on the stacks. The journals and periodicals/magazines are organized alphabetically.

The Library provides the following services to its uses comprising students, faculty members, management personnel and other institutions.

  • Open Access System.
  • Circulation Service (Issues & Returns).
  • Reference Service.
  • Photocopying Service.
  • Inter Library Loan.
  • Back Volumes.
  • Project Reports & Newspapers.

In addition to the above, the Library also provides Internet facility for accessing on-line databases and consulting educational material for academic purposes. The Library is also in the process of computerizing the catalogue of books and other information sources for providing better library services to users.

  • Silence must be observed strictly in the Library.
  • Bags, hand bags are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • The borrower will be responsible for any loss or non-return of any books issued against his/her identity card.
  • Reference books, Newspaper and Magazines/Journals should not be taken out of the library.
  • The use of cell phones in the library is forbidden. Users are not permitted consume food or drink in the library.
  • Every user must return the books/journals in its original place after its use has been served.
On-line Databases:

The Library has subscribed to the following on-line database services which provide access to several on-line databases and e-Journals in the subject areas of engineering and management studies.