Student Research & Development Wing

At BGTI faculty members, students and staff are committed to the development of innovations in engineering and applied science. Our goal is to bring real enhancements to the quality of life through our endeavours. To fulfil this commitment, we have devoted considerable effort to important challenges in the areas of Environmental engineering, Sensing & Imaging, and Engineered Materials.

Participating in research is an enriching and rewarding experience for many students at BGTI. As they are taught the innovative ideas which feed the future needs. All faculty give value to the student research participation and are willing to suggest suitable projects. Guidance in identifying research opportunities is provided by the team of experts from different departments. Interdisciplinary, environment friendly projects having impact on the development of society are preferred. A Web site is developed which provides information on different Research Opportunities for Students in the College.

The success of the ‘Bus tracking Project’, ‘Solar car’ and ‘Hover craft ‘ are examples of such an opportunity. BGTI also has research projects on friction generated electricity, green buildings, flying vehicles etc.

The BGTI Student Research and Development Cell provides resources, programs, expertise, consistency, and coordination across the different departments of the college. The cell also helps in finding suitable funding resources and in patenting process of new products or innovations.

Current R&D Projects going on in the Departments:

Computer Science & Engineering:

Automatic Irrigation System – Proposals sent to ITRA for funding of 4 cores. Initial proposal accepted. The final proposal is sent.- Dept of CSE Vehicle Tracking System using GPS – First Demo is over – Developed by students of II Year – Funded by the college

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Solar Up-draft Tower.
  • Hover Craft.
  • Design And Fabrication Of Solar Car
  • Design And Fabrication Of Personnel Transport Vehicle
  • Self Tracking Robo Transporter

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Drain Water Power Generation
  • Self Powered Exerciser
  • Inspection of railway tracks & automated railway gate control
  • Green Energy Harvesting Light for High way Guiding

Inter Disciplinary Project:

  • RFID based Student Attendance and Tracking System