**Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)

Computer Science And Engineering (Data Science) is the New Course introduced by JNTU-H. Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study that utilizes scientific processes, methods, algorithms, and systems to extract insights from massive quantities of data. Data science applies elements of CS to the business world with applications in business analytics, business intelligence, statistics, and scientific research, among other fields. Data science programs will include algorithmic training and applications as a core feature of their design.

Main targets

A Computer Science and Engineering graduate targets to earn the goals of the specified era, which they are specialized.

Future applications

The skills of a Computer Science Engineering (Data Science) student will be practically very usefull in day-to-day life of every common man, Their skill helps the world to advance by building stuff that makes work easy for humans.

Computer Science Engineering course constitute of those technical skills and acquaintance to the students that transform them into skilled and qualified personnel ready to be a division of corporate and industrial manpower. The course edifies various scholastic and sensible aspects related to the domain to the students in an ongoing approach.
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