Centralized Library

A combination of Conventional, Central and Digital Libraries...! The primary goal of any library is to provide an effective combination of print, non-print and electronic resources to the users to meet their information requirements thoroughly. It is a fact that the information resources available in libraries be used systematically and thoroughly where in educate the users from time to time is an important activity. Out of all, the electronic resources are playing a vital role in information dissemination in contemporary librarianship. Therefore, there is a need to formulate a separate electronic resources collection development policy to access, interface, technical support and licensing. The growth of electronic resources is also in multifold. The policies would help the librarians to select such electronic resources that would be easily accessible and have no licensing problems etc.

Our Group of College Libraries has about 1,00,000+ titles, 46000+ volumes of books, in addition there are a number of journals and technical magazines which enable the students to improve their General knowledge in the area of specialization. The library also stocks a number of subject CD's/DVD/eMedia.

Library promotes a spirit of a continuous learning environment to the students for enriching their knowledge. The library is committed to providing quality service and an excellent collection of materials to support the mission, educational goals and research needs of students, staff, faculty and administration users and in support of the College's diverse curriculum. It encourages and facilitates information competency, critical thinking, intellectual independence, and lifelong learning skills in all students, regardless of their educational goals. Through reference services, instructional materials, educational software, and support for graduate and undergraduate student research, the library strives to develop students a competitive level of information competence.