**Computer Science & Engineering (Networks)

Department of Computer Science & Engineering (Networks) is the New Course introduced by JNTU-H. This Engineering program in Computer Science & Engineering (Networks) to meet the demands of security aspects of computer networks having critical business needs. The initial level courses provide students with a core foundation in programming, mathematical reasoning, physics and circuit design. The latter part blends fundamentals in computer science including secure coding, network security, introduction to cryptography, internet & web programming, web services, authentication and security models, principles of web application security. Apart from the core areas, electives allow students to specialize in advanced fields. Hence, the program focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions of cyber security across a range of fundamental areas, such as network security, vulnerability assessment, information security, and wireless devices security. The emphasis of the program is to nurture students with the knowledge and skills required to secure LAN/WAN, computers, detect and analyze attacks and threats, respond to attacks, develop security policies, procedures, and standards.

Main targets

A Computer Science & Engineering (Networks) graduate targets to earn the goals of the specified era, which they are specialized.

Future applications

The skills of a Computer Science & Engineering (Networks) student will be practically very usefull in day-to-day life of every common man, Their skill helps the world to advance by building stuff that makes work easy for humans.

Computer Science & Engineering (Networks) course constitute of those technical skills and acquaintance to the students that transform them into skilled and qualified personnel ready to be a division of corporate and industrial manpower. The course edifies various scholastic and sensible aspects related to the domain to the students in an ongoing approach.
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