Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department was established in the year 2008 with an annual intake of 60. Currently the annual intake is 180, besides an additional 20% under lateral entry scheme.

The B.Tech (ECE) Program is approved by AICTE , Govt of Telangana and the college is permanently affiliated to JNTU-Hyderabad. The department is staffed by highly qualified and well experienced teaching faculty and technical staff.

The department has well-equipped laboratories coupled with extensive practical work ensure that the student receives a well-rounded education. The significant equipment in the laboratories supports for carrying out research include Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Spartan 3E (FPGA) kits, TMS 320C6748 DSP kits with Code Composer Studio. The labs are also equipped with Software’s such as MULTISIM, VHDL, Xilinx ISE Foundation, Mentor Graphics, and MATLAB with tool boxes.

The department has In-House Project facility for interested students and faculty in which many innovative projects were developed by both students and faculty. To nurture the student innovative thinking various competitions are held on electronic circuits on auspicious days. Furthermore, Workshops, Add-On Programs , Certificate programs, Guest Lectures and industrial visits and trainings are organized for students to make the students future ready.

Main targets

A Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate targets to earn the goals of the specified era, which they are specialized.

Future applications

The skills of a Electonics and Communication student will be practically very usefull in day-to-day life of every common man, Their skill helps to connect and communicate and explore the world.

Electronics and Communication Engineering course constitute of those technical skills and acquaintance to the students that transform them into skilled and qualified personnel ready to be a division of corporate and industrial manpower. The course edifies various scholastic and sensible aspects related to the domain to the students in an ongoing approach.