Master of Business Administration

Department of MBA is part of our institute since 2009 to produce graduates with strong fundamentals in Management Studies.It is a two-year Post-Graduate Programme designed as a full time course for graduates who wish to pursue their careers in management.

The department is headed by prominent faculty members are MBA degree holders while senior faculty members are Ph.D. and M. Phil. degree holders. The department has all teaching-learning amenities for providing quality management education.

Main targets

An MBA graduate main targets to earn the goals of the specified era, which they are specialized.

Future applications

The skills that students learn will be practically very usefull in day-to-day life of every common man.

The goal of this programme is to offer to the requirement of the industry by providing quality management professionals with strong methodological abilities and an acumen for managing business.

We ensure schooling of our students, making them employable and market ready by providing extra courses on personality and soft skill development.

We ensure to offer practical knowledge to the students by providing Industrial visits, guest lecturers from leading academicians and industrialists, conferences, seminarsand workshops. This course also prospects the students to enrich their Managerial and Entrepreneurial skills by efficaciously completing their training programs conducted both on campus and off campus and also in their project reports.